Exclusive Proprietary NASA PAK© Bacon Packaging Technology

  • Our Packaging Technology is proprietary.

  • Our NASA PAK© technology is 100% Developed and Made in America.

  • Our NASA PAK© technology is light in weight and certified the toughest in the industry.

  • Our NASA PAK© shelf life is up to 10 years in your pantry no refrigeration required.

  • Our’s Packs proteins BPA free and grocery priced the same a the perishable packed Hormel®, Oscar® and Boars Head® fully cooked bacon brands.

  •  Our No refrigeration packaging is a value added benefit at no additional cost.

  • Our NASA PAK© technology is double great during extended water and electrical outages.

  • Only our technology keeps you in fully hydrated whole food proteins for both your daily use  in meal prep and all your future needs.

  • Exclusive fully hydrated NASA Packaging Technology for today’s high density living, be that Anchorage, Manhattan, Los Angeles, Dallas or abroad. Get some, use some, store some.

  •  We ship NASA PAKS© worldwide.  Right to your door!

No refrigeration required!

100% Made in America!