Frederic Remington© Presidential Bacon

Thick, generous slices, the most value for your money.



The Competition’s Bacon

Hormel© Black Label (fully cooked bacon)

Thin, flimsy, and rationed slices. Less value for your money.

What Makes Frederic Remington®
The Very Best

Old school American quality, timely innovative products, always grocery priced for everyday use makes our’s the very best. Frederic Remington® Gourmet, Presidential Bacon, fully 200% thicker and meatier than any other American Brand – period!  Center cut aromatic bacon delicious right from the PAK or warm n’ serve. * See photo of Ours vs. Hormel Black Label below.

Frederic Remington® Gourmet is fully cooked, remains fully hydrated, is properly drained and blotted just like home. Then it is packed BPA free, 8 slices per layer 10 layers on parchment – beautiful!  Certified Gluten free. Hormone fee and is non GMO.

Frederic Remington® bacon is the only product of its kind in the industry. Up to a 10 year shelf life in your pantry, stores below 80 degrees fahrenheit, NO REFRIGERATION required. Once opened and PAK discarded, you have 17 days of savory succulent smoked bacon no refrigeration or 45 days once open when the unused bacon remainder is returned to its original NASA PAK© for safe keep. Still No Refrigeration required!

Our NASA PAK© technology is proprietary to our products, an exclusive value added consumer benefit at no additional cost. Concierge Services ships our bacon free to your door, no traffic, no parking, no lines, no hassle.  Get some, use some, store some, awesome!

America, “Might As Well Have The Very Best©,” especially when the “Very Best” is priced the same or less than all the rest.

Frederic Remington® Gourmet’s Presidential bacon. Only finest in class may bear the famous mark of brand Frederic Remington®, Est. in 1895. The quality goes in before the brand goes on.

We thank our valued clientele for their continued loyal patronage. We strive to bring you the absolute best.  Frederic Remington®, is doing something positive for all Americans. Fully 83% of us live dependent on vulnerable municipal water and power services. When power or water fail freeze-dried and rehydrated supplies are useless. These fully hydrated RTE meats are always ready and need no rehydration or preparation.  All products 100% American Made.

“Might As Well Have The Very Best©

100% Made in America!